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One-Day Drywall Repair Since 1998

Drywall Maintenance and Restoration Experts

Home maintenance is a daily reality for Sebastopol, CA residents. Whether that’s cleaning the living room floors or scrubbing the sinks, there’s always a way to keep your home in top shape. However, many people neglect their walls while doing spring cleaning and scheduling professional maintenance. Neglect your walls and ceilings no longer with a bit of help from Patches in a Day. We’re maintenance and restoration experts with years of experience as drywall repair contractors. Our team can do it all, from jobs involving sheetrock repair to full-scale popcorn ceiling removals. Don’t wait to schedule service—our friendly team has over 17 years of experience, and we’re excited to help you.

License #775946

Learn More About Drywall Installation and Repair

Drywall installation and repair are among our most sought-after services. We’re well-versed in all the best practices for installation, and our team always completes quality work the first time. If you start to notice issues with your drywall as it ages, look to us for top-notch repair work as well. We can handle water leakage repairs, plaster ceiling repairs, and much more. Our team provides drywall crack repair for all types of spaces, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Establishments
  • Attics and Basements
  • Office Buildings

Get in Touch with Us Today

Whether it’s time to repair your drywall or repair your popcorn ceiling, Patches in a Day is here for you. Our professional team comes with almost two decades of experience to ensure your walls and ceilings are beautiful and structurally sound. We remain dedicated to customer satisfaction, and that means quality workmanship paired with reasonable prices and speedy repairs. We can complete most repairs on consecutive days without leaving a mess behind! Don’t put off drywall repairs. Instead, get in touch with our friendly team and schedule your service.

A Drywall Repair Service Where Customer Satisfaction Is Our Focus