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Pricing for Our Drywall & Sheetrock Repair Services Throughout Sebastopol, CA

Thank you for your inquiry with Patches In a Day. Many of our clients are interested in a rough estimate of what their particular job might cost. The following pictures and descriptions are here to provide examples of what a given job might cost. Please keep in mind these are just estimates provided to give some insight into what types of jobs we typically see, and the cost associated with such jobs. Actual quotes may vary slightly based on a case by case nuances. Our main focus is a 5-star result!

-Thank you for the opportunity to earn your lifetime business-
The Patches Team

Top 5 Most Common Repairs

The jobs below this line are currently the top 5 jobs we are doing. Sometimes they change due to seasons, etc.

Medicine Cabinet Repair

6175: $400=500

Electrical Box Repair

3447: $600-$700

Ceiling Hood Repair

6353: $350-$450

Plumbing Repair

0329: $350-$450

Plumbing Repair

71AD9: $500-$700

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